How to choose the subjects for your Learning Agreement

The full list of our courses is available on line in Italian. Check the website Go to “Corso

Triennale”(1st level) or “Corso Biennale”(2nd level), choose your main subject and you will find a table with the subjects for your

plan of study, credits and programmes. You will find that all subjects are classified according to the following categories (see the

column Tipologia):

Corsi di base / Basic music knowledge;

Corsi caratterizzanti / Main subjects;

Corsi integrative ed affini / Supplementary but related subjects;

Altro / Other

This is important in order to choose the appropriate subject and to fill in your Learning Agreement with the right number of

credits. Also be advised that it is not necessary to insert the exam code number on the learning agreement as we

cannot provide this information yet.

For the moment the only subjects taught in English are practical music classes.








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