Ersu - Regional Agency providing services to university students

ERSU is a regional board which aims to support university students through a variety of services. This support can be given after a selection process to successful students who are economically disadvantaged, and can be in the form of grants and student housing, or to all students, for example canteens, cultural activities, information.

Please contact the International Relations Office because you will need our assistance and advice.


Non-EU and EU students paying tuition fees can benefit from the same services as national students and can apply for grants and housing. Deadlines and procedures for grants and housing are the same. You can apply for both at one time. These services are provided by ERSU. Before applying for any ERSU service you need to register online at The documentation required for your application is: a legalised translation of a certificate called “stato di famiglia” that states the size of your family (how many people live together); a legalised translation of a certificate that states how much your family income is (parents, and also brothers and sisters if living all together and earning a salary); a legalised translation of a certificate that states if you and your family own any property. You need to send this documents via fax and via post mail to the International Relations Office in order to obtain here in Italy the ISEEU documentation where your family income is calculated again according to other criteria. The outcome of this “new” calculation of your family income has to be inserted when you register online. According to that amount you will be included in the list for grants and housing. Due to this specific procedure, international students need to start working on this applications well in advance before the deadline. Another requirement for registration that you will also need is an Italian tax registration number called a “codice fiscale”. Please contact the International Relations Office to help you getting that too. Applications should be sent within the end of August. Please check the website for the exact date every year. We are aware that italian burocracy can be a problem for foreign students. Please do not give up and just ask for

our assistance.

• Average grant including student housing: from 922,00 to 1.844,00 Euro per year (depending on your family income)+ 240 meals at the canteen.

• Average grant without student housing: from 1.503,00 to 3.006,00 Euro per year (depending on your family income) + 240 meals at the canteen.

• Cost of student housing per month without grant: single room from 58,00 to 96,00 Euro (depending on your family income); double room from 46,00 to 70,00 Euro (depending on your family income).


Please note that these amounts may vary slightly every year.




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